A Star Is Born Trailer Reaction: Oscar Glory For Lady Gaga

Warner Brothers released the trailer for the Bradley Cooper-Lady Gaga movie A Star Is Born yesterday. The film will be the third remake of a 1937’s A Star Is Born. It is also Cooper’s directorial debut. If the trailer is any indication, this will be an immensely popular movie that generates considerable Oscar buzz in 2019.

The premise of A Star Is Born is that an established singer discovers a nobody and elevates her to stardom. Eventually, the lesser-known’s spotlight shines brighter and causes tension in their relationship.

This will be the fourth edition of A Star Is Born. The initial 1937 picture was a drama with Janet Gaynor and Frederic March. Judy Garland and James Mason were in the 1954 film of the same name. The most recent version was released in 1976 and starred Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

A Star Is Born hits theaters on October 5, 2018.

The A Star Is Born Trailer

The trailer for A Star Is Brown gives the audience a glimpse at two main characters. Cooper plays music star Jackson Maine. Lady Gaga is Ally, a talented singer who appears to be taking advantage of an open mic night. Fate happens. There is a connection between the pair. Suddenly, you are watching Lady Gaga belt a breathtaking song interspersed with clips of on-screen tumult. Oh, and Sam Elliott and Dave Chappelle are in the film too.

Hook, line, and sinker.

Bradley Cooper Singing In A Star Is Born
Bradley Cooper Singing In A Star Is Born

Whoever put the trailer together for A Star Is Born earned their money. The montage provided the basic plot of the film and drove me to become invested in those characters.

I was instantly on board for a movie that appears to have all the qualities needed to get me into theaters. It has been a long time since I watched a trailer for a non-action blockbuster and wanted to be in theaters on opening night. I have a feeling I will not be alone.

The movie has star power, a dynamite supporting cast, and promises an impressive soundtrack.

The Soundtrack For A Star Is Born

The moment where Lady Gaga stands in front of a microphone in a packed stadium is especially captivating because it is a relatively stripped-down moment for the singer.  Without her usual pop production intact, the raw power of her voice is stunning.

In many ways, the actual movie audience is viewing the moment like her on-screen crowd. They were hearing her sing for the first time. We have become so accustomed to her persona that it is easy to forget how great of a singer she is. Yes, she has had her moments with Tony Bennett, but they have not permeated the musical charts quite like “Poker Face” or “Bad Romance.” This off-screen dynamic allows the cinematic moment to create a considerable impact.

Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga In A Star Is Born
Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga In A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper also sings capably in the trailer. He has adopted a great country-style singing voice, adding to his “what-can’t-he-do?” range.

In addition to material co-written by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born also tabbed some excellent complementary musicians for the soundtrack. Lukas Nelson (Willie’s kid), Jason Isbell, and Mark Ronson all composed original music for the soundtrackLukas Nelson and his amazing band, Promise of the Real, will play Cooper’s backing musicians in the film.

Lady Gaga also performed on Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real’s self-titled album that was released last November.

A Star Is Born & The Oscars

A Star Is Born a lock for box office success. Lady Gaga’s star power makes it a virtual guarantee. She has legions of die-hard fans who will pack theaters and push the movie’s social media buzz. Their passion will generate momentum during award season.

She has also been a visually-conscious musician who keeps the pop-culture impact of her performance in mind. Those efforts often show in her music videos. The idea of having someone who is the People’s Choice and a darling of the arts community makes for a potent combination.

Given that she seems to have at least one signature song in A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga will probably be nominated for Best Original Song. With all due respect to Bradley Cooper’s singing ability, the prospect of having his co-star singing on stage at the Oscars will be too much for the Academy to pass up.

A chance for winning Best Original Song would not be her first. Lady Gaga and Diane Warren were nominated for “Til It Happens To You,” a song on The Hunting Ground’s soundtrack, in 2015.

It is extremely likely that Lady Gaga will also be nominated for Best Actress. She has already acted in American Horror Story and Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, but A Star Is Born is the role that could certify her acting credentials.

Lady Gaga.jpg
Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born

Like her singing voice, Lady Gaga’s role in the film is another unusual view of the superstar. In the trailer, it is noted that Ally has issues related to confidence in her own appearance. Since Lady Gaga is almost always costumed or adorned in edgy fashion, having her appear as herself makes it seem as if the story is even more genuine. Perhaps Lady Gaga identifies with Ally in that respect.

Lady Gaga is already incredibly popular, but she has not logged a dominate starring role in a film of this caliber yet. Given her knack for performance and that Cooper excels at developing chemistry with his co-stars, my expectations for Lady Gaga’s performance are high.

I do not know what films Meryl Streep has coming out, but it would not surprise me if Lady Gaga won Best Actress as well.

Bradley Cooper has a shot at being nominated for both Best Director and Best Actor. He has already been nominated for four Academy Awards as an actor. A Star Is Born will be an avenue for his fifth and sixth overall nominations.

Watch The Trailer For A Star Is Born: 

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