Flat Circle 2.0: Taking My Blog To The Next Level

Last week the Flat Circle celebrated its first anniversary. I started the blog a year ago because I felt the urge to find my creative voice. I had hoped that in doing so I would also be able to build a new professional profile. Almost one year after I resumed blogging, I am happy to begin the second phase of the Flat Circle

I recently accepted my first freelance writing gig. That freelance writing will appear on these pages. I will be writing sponsored music reviews for a music promoter. I have been assured that my reviews can be objective. They will contain my honest opinion of each artist’s work.

Maintaining a transparent relationship with my readers is important. All reviews that are sponsored will include a disclaimer, although their patronage will not effect the words that appear on the Flat Circle.

I am excited to begin the next phase of blogging. I want to grow as a writer. After spending a year building my profile, it is very important to me that I am able to support my work with some financial compensation. That will provide me with a greater ability to work independently on other stories for this site.

Changing My Blog’s Focus

Because I will be spending a greater amount of time focusing on music, I decided that I will have to prioritize what I write about for the Flat Circle. It has been challenging to equally cover podcasts, television, music, and movies.

I will no longer be covering podcasts as one of the primary focuses of the blog. I will include podcasts in my discussions of music, film, and television, but I will limit posts to just those genres.

By narrowing the scope of the blog, I will be able to write with greater purpose. Even in the diversified pop-culture landscape of 2018, I believe that a focused blog will be more beneficial to readers.

I will continue to provide posts on pop-culture in Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly love has an amazing arts scene and I will never leave that behind.

I will also schedule more interviews and guest bloggers so that I can bring different voices to the Flat Circle. I hope that this raises the level of engagement with readers. While most of my interviews have primarily included podcasters, I want to also interact with people who are active within the film, television, and music communities. I hope that a greater variety of guests will create a more dynamic site.

I will also be looking to add to the overall production of the site. This will include some in-depth feature stories and hopefully a monthly newsletter that will be available for e-mail subscribers. To keep up with all current posts, an e-mail subscription option is available at the bottom of every page.

Changing My Blog’s Appearance

Speaking of the website, I will gradually give the blog a face-lift. I performed my first online cosmetic procedure last December. When I first resumed blogging in April of 2018, I created a new website using Google’s Blogger service. I was never thrilled with Blogger’s layout, but it was free and I wanted to make sure that I would be able to blog regularly. My initial investment would only be spending time writing.

After almost seven months of blogging, I switched from Blogger to WordPress.com last December. It was a financial investment that required an internal leap of faith. I knew that if I was spending the time to write, I also had to work with a platform that enhanced the look of my blog.

I am thrilled that I switched blogging platforms, but I know the site could still use a little improvement. Starting this week, I have begun to spend time focusing on the appearance of the Flat Circle. Going forward, the blog will be more user-friendly.

What These Changes Mean

I do not know what the end result of these changes will be. My goal for Year Two of the Flat Circle is to create more content and improve my writing.  By devoting more time and energy on concentrated topics and better posts, I believe that I will to be able to create a better blog.

I also hope that theses changes will also allow me to gain more work as a freelance writer. I love writing and I want to write as much as I can, whether it is for fun or professionally. It’s a dream worth chasing.

My hope is that I will also be able to raise my blog’s profile. Hopefully that will lead to a better experience for readers. I enjoyed my first year of blogging, I hope to continue the adventure in Year Two by building a site that people enjoy and use as a pop-culture resource.


www.flatcircleblog.com is a Philadelphia pop-culture blog that covers television, music, and movies. Follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, or subscribe by e-mail to catch all posts. 



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