Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett Trade Places In “Over Everything”

When news first broke of a collaborative record between Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett, it instantly felt like one of those ideas that was just perfect. Both indie musicians are great songwriters who excel at casually narrating scenes with a unique intimacy. On August 30, the duo dropped “Over Everything” the first single and video from their forthcoming LP, Lotta Sea Lice.

Filmed with Vile’s Philadelphia and Barnett’s Australia as the backdrop, the six-minute video for “Over Everything” is a beautifully shot piece with an understated concept. With Vile clad in a white suit and Barnett wearing dark attire, the black and white video changes locations for both artists as they sing their partner’s parts. The video begins with closeups of the two musicians, but the camera gradually distances itself from its two subjects. By the end of the video both songwriters are just specs in the distance.
The song affirms the brilliance of their decision to make music together. The music is not only an excellent blend of their sound, but begins with both musicians deadpanning about solitude and songwriting. The song eventually drifts into an extended jam that feels like it could go on endlessly. 

“Over Everything” will be the first of nine songs on Lotta Sea Lice, which is scheduled for release on October 13. A North American tour with Vile and Barnett begins on October 11 in San Diego and includes a stop at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby on November 3. 


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